Grant Geissman record credits (probably not complete!):

Abdul, Paula Head over Heels (1995) Banjo
Alexandria, Lorez I'll Never Stop Loving You (1992) Guitar
Allen, Peter Making Every Moment Count (1980) Guitar
Allen, Steve 75th Birthday Celebration (1998) Guitar
Allison, Brooke (2001)  Guitar
Alper, Gregory Common Ground (1998) Guitar
Anderson, Carl  Carl Anderson (1986) Guitar on "Friends and Lovers"
Angel, Luis Yo Te Amo (1998) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Arnaz, Lucie Just in Time (1993) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Bacharach, Burt One Amazing Night (1998) Guitar
Bacharach, Burt/Costello, Elvis: Sessions From W. 54th (video, 1998)
Bacharach, Burt  At This Time (2005) Guitar
Beal, Jeff  MONK (2004, soundtrack) Acoustic guitar
Bell, Monna   Ahora (1990) Guitar
Bellson, Louis Concord Jazz Heritage Series (1977) Guitar
Bellson, Louis Louie Bellson's 7 Live at Concord Summer Festival (1976) Guitar [contains "Starship Concord" written by Geissman)
Bellson, Louis with... Sunshine Rock (1977) Guitar
Bennett, Max & Freeway The Interceptor (1986)
Bennett, Max & Freeway Interchange (1987)
Benoit, David  Early Years: If I Could Reach Rainbows  (2001) electric and acoustic guitars
Benoit, David  Inner Motion (1990) Electric and acoustic guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, 12 String guitar
Benoit, David  Stars Fell on Henrietta (1995, soundtrack) Banjo
Benoit, David Some Other Sunset (1998) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Benoit, David This Side Up (1991) Guitar
Benoit, David To: 87 (1996) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Benoit, David Every Step of the Way (1987) Guitar
Bentyne, Cheryl  Among Friends (DVD, 2003) Guitar
Bentyne, Cheryl  Moonlight Serenade (Japan, 2003) Guitar
Bentyne, Cheryl  The Lights Still Burn (Japan, 2003) Guitar
Bentyne, Cheryl  Let Me Off Uptown (2005) Guitar
Bergeron, Wayne  You Call This a Living? (2002) Guitar
Bestor, Kurt Dance (1999) Guitar
Bestor, Kurt Kurt Bestor Noel (1997) Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Guitar (Classical)
Bestor, Kurt Sketches (1997) Dobro, Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
Bestor, Kurt & Cardon, Sam Innovators (1995) Flamenco Guitar
Bestor, Kurt & Cardon, Sam Innovators (2000) Flamenco Guitar
Bonfield, Ken Winternight (1998) Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Classical)
Bonfield, Ken Homecoming (1998) Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Classical)
Bravo, Charlie   Charlie Bravo (2000) Guitar (Acoustic)
Bregman, Buddy It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't... (1998) Guitar
Bugatti, George Oh, What a Night for Love: The... (1998) Guitar
Callaway, Liz  The Beat Goes On (2001) Guitar
Cardon, Sam Digability (2000) Guitar, Gut String Guitar
Carlos, Roberto Canciones Que Amo (1998) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Cesar Y Juan Al Borde de Un Ataque de Amor (2000) Guitar
Cortez, Alberto Aromas (1993) Guitar
Costello, Elvis/Bacharach, Burt: Sessions From W. 54th (video, 1998)
Crawford, Michael EFX! (1995) Guitar
Cuevas, Carlos Amores Cercanos (2000) Guitar
Cuevas, Carlos Carlos Cuevas (1998) Guitar
Day of the Dead (Original Soundtrack, 1985) Guitar
Del Boca, Andrea El Amor (1995) Guitar
DelGrosso, David  Anyone In Love (1989)  Guitar
Disappearance of Garcia Lorca (Original Soundtrack, 1997) Guitar
Domingo, Placido De Mi Alma Latina (1994) Guitar
Domingo, Placido  Songs of Love (2000) Guitar
Duran, Chris Chris Duran (1998)
Durcal, Rocio Hay Amores Y Amores (1995) Guitar
Duvall, Shelley Sweet Dreams [Rincon] (1991) Guitar
Dyango Agua De Lluvia (1996) Guitar
E., Sheila  Sex Cymbal (1991) Nylon string guitar
Earth Cinema (Original Soundtrack, 2000) Guitar
Edelman, Randy  More Songs And Music From Gettysburg (soundtrack, 1994) Guitar
Elgart, Larry   Latin Obsession Guitar
Feather, Lorraine   Dooji Wooji  (2005) Guitar, banjo, lap steel
Fields, Adam   Dawson's Creek (2002, soundtrack)
First Nudie Musical, The (2002, bonus soundtrack CD, "Dollars to Doughnuts")  Guitars, banjo, arrangements
Flores, Chuck   Flores Azules  (1977, title track written by Flores and Geissman)
40 Years: A Charlie Brown Christmas (2005, with Toni Braxton and David Benoit) Guitar
Frederick, Robin How Far? How Fast? (1992) Guitar (Acoustic and electric)
Friend, Rodney So Much to Celebrate (1990) Guitar
Full Swing (Lorraine Feather)  In Full Swing  Guitar
Garson, Mike Screenthemes '93 (1993) Guitar
Garson, Mike Orchestra Screenthemes '94 (1994) Guitar
Geissman, Grant  Say That! (2006)
Geissman, Grant  There and Back Again (DVD, 2005)
Geissman, Grant  In With the Out Crowd  (1998)
Geissman, Grant  Business as Usual (1995)
Geissman, Grant  Rustic Technology (1993)
Geissman, Grant  Time Will Tell (1992)
Geissman, Grant  Reruns (1992)
Geissman, Grant  Flying Colors (1991)
Geissman, Grant  Take Another Look (1990)
Geissman, Grant  All My Tomorrows (1988)
Geissman, Grant  Snapshots (1987)
Geissman, Grant  Drinkin' from the Money River (1986)
Geissman, Grant  Put Away Childish Toys (1983)
Geissman, Grant  Good Stuff (1978)
George, Inara  An Invitation (2008) Guitars and mandolin
Gershwin (various artists) George and Ira Gershwin in... (1997) Guitar
Gettysburg: More Songs & Music... (Original Soundtrack, 1994) Guitar
Gibson, Deborah  Colored Lights: The Broadway Album (2003) Guitar
Goodwin, Gordon Big Phat Band  Swinging for the Fences (2001)
Goodwin, Gordon Big Phat Band  XXL (2003)
Goodwin, Gordon Big Phat Band  Yo, Tannenbaum (2005)
Goodwin, Gordon Big Phat Band  The Phat Pack (2006) Electric and acoustic guitars
Gordon, Peter Doubleplay (1993) Guitar
Gorme, Eydie Eso Es El Amor (1992) Guitar
Hill, Dan Real Love (1989) Guitar (Acoustic)
Howard, Miki Femme Fatale (1992)
Howard, Miki Miki Sings Billie (1994) Guitar
Humperdinck, Engelbert Love Unchained (1995) Guitar
Humperdinck, Engelbert Yours (1993) Guitar
Humperdinck, Engelbert Yours: Quiereme Mucho (1993) Guitar
Iglesias, Julio Tango (1996) Guitar Iglesias, Julio Divorcio (2003) Guitar
Jarvis, Jeff Following Footsteps (1998) Guitar
Jazz at the Movies Band Man & A Woman, Sax at the Movies (1993) Guitar
Jazz at the Movies Band Reel Romance [box] (1994) Guitar
Jeepers Creepers/Great Songs from Horror Films (2003) Guitars, keyboards, arrangements, background vocals
Jimbo, Akira  Paletta (1989) Guitar
Jones, Quincy Q's Jook Joint (1994) Guitar
José José 40 Y 20 (1992) Guitar
José José Mujeriego (1996) Guitar
José José 35 Aniversario, Vol. 6 (1998) Guitar
José José 35 Aniversario, Vol. 7 (1998) Guitar
José José Distancia (1998)
Julian Vuela Mi Imaginacion (1991) Guitar
Jurado, Rocio Como las Alas Al Viento (1993) Electric guitar, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Kabah   XNE (2000) Guitar (Acoustic)
Keiser, Stan Secret Island (1995) Guitar
Kowalczyk, Steven Moods & Grooves (1995) Guitar
Kubis, Tom Keep Swingin': The Tom Kubis Big... (1997) Guitar
Lithgow, John  Farkle & Friends (2002) Guitar
Liquid Amber   Liquid Amber (1994) Guitar
Livi, Roberto Eternamente Enamorado (1993) Guitar
Loring, Gloria Turn the Page (1999) Twelve string and classical guitars, mandolin
Macchia, Frank  The Galapagos Suite- Cacophony Records (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin)
Macchia, Frank  Animals- Cacophony Records (electric guitar electric sitar, banjo, slide bottleneck guitar)
Macchia, Frank  Mo' Animals- Cacophony Records (electric guitar, banjo)
Mangione, Chuck Children of Sanchez (1978) Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (12 String)
Mangione, Chuck Everything for Love (2000) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mangione, Chuck Fun and Games (1979) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Classical)
Mangione, Chuck The Hat's Back (1995) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mangione, Chuck Feels So Good (1977) Electric, Acoustic, Classical, and 12-string guitars, *features the now-legendary guitar solo on “Feels So Good”
Mangione, Chuck An Evening of Magic/Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1979) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Mangione, Chuck  Chuck Mangione's Finest Hour (2001) Electric, Acoustic, 12 String and Classical guitars
Mangione, Gap  Family Holidays (2004) Guitars, Synthesizer, Percussion, background vocals
Mangione, Gap Stolen Moments (2003) Guitars, Synthesizer, Percussion
Marjorie-Jean Lover Come Back (1992) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Marlo, Clair Let It Go (1989) Guitar (Acoustic)
Mathews, Rick Only the Young (1991) Guitar
Matsui, Kazu Project Is That the Way to Your Heart Guitar
Matsui, Keiko No Borders (1989) Guitar
Matsui, Keiko Under Northern Lights (1989) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Matsui, Keiko A Drop of Water (1987) Guitar, Arranger, co-writer on "Mediterranean Sand"
Matsui, Keiko  Collection (1997) Guitar
Miguel, Luis  Romances (1997) Guitar (Acoustic)
Miguel, Luis  Todos Los Romances (1998) Guitar (Acoustic)
Miguel, Luis Romance (1991) Guitar
Mijares Maria Bonita (1992) Guitar
Minnelli, Liza Gently (1996) Guitar
Mitchell, Vernessa This Is My Story Guitar
Mouskouri, Nana Nana Latina (1996) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Newsom, Joana YS (2006) Electric guitar
N Motion N/Motion (1991) Guitar
Old World Lullabies Old World Lullabies (1992) Multi Instruments
Omote-Sando Cinema Romance (1999) Arranger, guitars (under pseudonym “Harrison Clay”)
Palmer, Hap  Can Cockatoos Count By Twos? (1996) guitar, banjo, mandolin
Palmer, Hap Can A Jumbo Jet Sing The Alphabet? (1998) Guitar
Pantoja, Isabel Isabel Pantoja (1998)
Pantoja, Isabel Amor Eterno (1996) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Parks, Van Dyke Moonlighting: Live at the Ash Grove (1998) Guitar
Parks, Van Dyke & Wilson, Brian  Orange Crate Art (1995) Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin
Patty, Sandi & Kathy... Together (1999) Piano
Peniston, Ce Ce Finally (1993) Guitar
Pimpinela Hay Amores Que Matan (1993) Guitar
Raphael Ave Fenix Guitar
Raphael Fantasia (1994) Guitar
Rhodes, Rick Deep in the Night (1997) Horn Arrangements
Riney, Sam Dark Hero (1996) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Sitar
Riney, Sam Lay It on the Line (1988) Guitar (Acoustic)
Riney, Sam At Last (1988) Guitar (Acoustic)
Rizzi, Tony and His Five Guitars Play Charlie Christian (1976)  Guitar
Romo, Daniela Cita, Vol. 2 (1997) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Romo, Daniela Cita, Vol. 1 (1994) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Russ, Adryan  Everyone Has A Story (2001), guitar, keyboards, programming, arrangements
Ryan, Joan Joan Ryan (1997) Guitar
Sandro Clasico (1994) Guitar
Sandro Con Gusto a Mujer (1993) Guitar
Sanson, Veronique  Longue distance (2004) guitars
Schubert, Gerry Life in the Moment (1998) Guitar
Schuur, Diane Pure Schuur (1991) Guitar
Schwartz, Stephen Stephen Schwartz Album (1999) Arranger, guitars
Segal, Misha Zambooka (1991) Guitar
Siegel, Dan Short Stories (1989) Guitar Siegel, Dan Departure (2001) Electric Guitar
Simone Distancia (1993) Guitar
Sorte, Maria Vuelve Otra Vez (1993) Guitar
Soweto String Quartet Renaissance
Starr, Ringo  Ringo-Rama (2003) Dobro
Tappan Domiano, Tami  Hot Notes (2004) Guitar
Tesh, John  Garnd Passion (1998) Acoustic guitar
Tesh, John Guitar by the Fire (1998) Guitar, Arranger
Tesh, John One World (1999) Guitar, Mandolin
Tesh, John Pure Movies (1998) Guitar
Tesh, John Avalon (1997) Mandolin, Guitar (12 String)
Tesh, John Project Pure Hymns (2000) Guitar (Acoustic)
Tesh, John Project Pure Movies, Vol. 2 (2000) Guitar
The Majestic (Original Soundtrack, 2001) Guitar
3rd Force  Force Field   Elec. guitar, nylon string guitar, slide guitar
3rd Force  Gentle Force  Guitar
3rd Force Collective Force (2000) Guitar (Electric and acoustic), Slide Guitar
3rd Force  Driving Force (2005) electric guitar, sitar
Tiffany Hold an Old Friend's Hand (1988) Electric and acoustic Guitar
Tormé, Steve March   Swingin' at the Blue Moon Bar and Grill (1999) Guitar
Tormé, Steve March   The Night I Fell for You  (2000) Guitar
Tormé, Steve March  The Essesence of Love (2003) Guitar
Torres, Alvaro Reencuentro (1995) Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Trevi, Gloria Me Siento Tan Sola (1992) Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Vail, Greg Sax by Candlelight (1996) Guitar (Acoustic and Electric)
Various Artists 1998 Latin Grammy Nominees (1998)
Various Artists Atmospheres: Spanish Nights (2000) Guitar
Various Artists  Austin Powers/The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999, soundtrack) Guitar
Various Artists Cole Porter: A Musical Toast (1997) Musician
Various Artists Compilation of Extraordinary... (1994) Producer
Various Artists Concord Jazz Guitar Collection,... (1992) Guitar
Various Artists Golden Slumbers - A Father's Lullaby (2002) classical guitar
Various Artists GRP 10th Anniversary Collection (1992) Guitar
Various Artists GRP Christmas Collection (1988) Guitar
Various Artists Guitar Music for Small Rooms  contains "Cold Blue Sake"
Various Artists Guitarisma 2  (Higher Octave, 1998)  contains an early mix of "Did I Save?"
Various Artists Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown! (1987) Guitar
Various Artists I Love a Piano: GRP Gold Encore... (1993) Guitar
Various Artists Just Great Jazz (1991) Guitar
Various Artists MAD Grooves (1996) Liner Notes, Compilation Producer
Various Artists Mesa World of Music Sampler (1993)
Various Artists Out at the Movies (1999) synthesizer, guitars, arranger, background vocals
Various Artists Panorama [Higher Octave] (1996) Guitar
Various Artists Saturday Night Fever: Themes from... (1999) Guitar (Electric, Acoustic and Classical), Bass (Electric), Keyboards, arranger
Various Artists Six String (1994)
Various Artists Songs of West Side Story (1996) Guitar
Various Artists Switched on Beatles [Intersound] (1996) Guitar
Verta, J Michael Time Line (1996) Guitar
Verta, J Michael Phoenix (1995) Guitar
Victoria Color del Amor (1997)
Vizzutti, Allen  Skyrocket  (1996) acoustic & electric guitars
Wall, Jeremy Cool Running (1991) Guitar
Wall, Jeremy Stepping to the New World (1992) Guitar
Ward, B.J.  Syrinx (2003) Acoustic guitar
Waters, David Island Refugee (1995) Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
Wiley, Ken  Visage  Guitar
Wilkinson, Sunny Sunny Wilkinson Guitar (Electric)
Williams, Beau They Need to Know (1996) Guitar
Williams, Robbie Escapeology (2003) acoustic guitar
Wilson, Brian & Parks, Van Dyke Orange Crate Art (1995) Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin
Winkler, Mark City Lights (1998) Guitar
Winkler, Mark Ebony Rain (1985) Guitar
Winkler, Mark Garden of Earthly Delights: The Best Of Mark Winkler and Friends (2003) guitars
Winkler, Mark Hottest Night of the Year (1986) Guitar
Winkler, Mark Tales from Hollywood (1995) Guitar
Winkler, Mark Color of Love (1985) Guitar
Wood, Lauren Lauren Wood (1997) guitars, tambourine