Tales of Terror!: The E.C. Companion. The Complete Compendium of all the Incredible Old E.C. Comics! This is the definitive story of all the EC titles that trafficked in horror, suspense and courage: Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science, Frontline Combat and other titles. Nominated for two Harvey Awards and an Eisner Award! Every E.C. cover is reproduced in full color. An exhaustively researched and meticulously detailed book celebrating the 50th anniversary of E.C.'s "New Trend" by the longtime fan and author of Completely Mad. Includes new interviews and other special material: a major interview with Al Feldstein as well as interviews with Adele Kurtzman (Harvey's widow), Moon Girl artist Shelly Moldoff, Nick Meglin (on the Fleagle Gang), and a series of previously unpublished conversations with Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein taped by von Bernewitz in 1955-56!

by Grant Geissman and Fred von Bernewitz

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Plus work by Wally Wood, Feldstein, Al Williamson, Harvey Kurtzman, Bernie Krigstein and others.

Soft Cover

Fifty years in the making, this is the definitive story of E.C. Comics. Tales of Terror!: The E.C. Companion is the complete compendium of all the E.C. comics, including M.C. Gaines's early Bible and "funny animal" titles, Bill Gaines's formative Pre-Trend books, the glorious (and gory-ous) New Trend comics, Mad, and the experimental New Direction and Picto-Fiction titles! Every original E.C. comics book cover is pictured in eye-gouging full color! Also features a "lost" E.C. story, illustrated by Johnny Craig! Plus Bill Gaines's 1954 Senate Subcommittee testimony.

This 296-page E.C. Library-size book is a major work, and any longtime EC fan will find it to be chock full of very cool stuff! Includes a creator index and guidebook, unpublished EC art and rare 1950s era photos. Gemstone, Fantagraphics, 2000. HCW, 9x12, 296 pages, PC.