Grant Geissman has also compiled and/or annotated the following MAD and EC comics-related books.

THE WOLVERTON BIBLE, Basil Wolverton (Foreword, "A Shot in the Liver, a Shot to the Soul")
WEIRD SCIENCE vol. 1 [EC Archives] (Notes)
THE HAUNT OF FEAR vol. 1 [EC Archives] (Notes)
TALES FROM THE CRYPT vol. 3 [EC Archives] (Notes)
MAD ABOUT THE FIFTIES (Notes and compilation)
MAD ABOUT THE SIXTIES (Notes and compilation)
MAD ABOUT THE SEVENTIES (Notes and compilation)
MAD ABOUT THE EIGHTIES (Notes and compilation)
MAD ABOUT THE NINETIES (Notes and compilation)
THE MAD READER/50th anniversary edition (Foreword)
MAD STRIKES BACK!/50th anniversary edition (Foreword)
INSIDE MAD/50th anniversary edition (Foreword)
UTTERLY MAD/50th anniversary edition (Foreword)
THE BROTHERS MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
THE BEDSIDE MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
SON OF MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
THE ORGANIZATION MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
LIKE, MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
THE IDES OF MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
FIGHTING MAD/anniversary edition (Foreword)
SPY vs SPY The Complete Casebook (Foreword)
MAD GROOVES (CD compilation of the best of MAD's records, Liner notes and compilation)