Solo Recordings

Time Will Tell

      Song List

  1. Time Will Tell (Grant Geissman)
  2. Big Stax/High Volts (Grant Geissman, Larry Steelman)
  3. Looking Back (Grant Geissman)
  4. Questions Never Answered (Grant Geissman)
  5. Front Page (Grant Geissman, Larry Groupe)
  6. Forbidden Fruit
  7. In The Bag (Grant Geissman, Lloyd Moffitt)
  8. Crusin' To Cabo (Grant Geissman)
  9. This Time It's Real (Grant Geissman, Steve Rawlins)
  10. Dress For Success (Grant Geissman)
  11. It's Never Too Late (Grant Geissman, Emil Palame)
  12. Time Will Tell (reprise) (Grant Geissman)

     Bluemoon Records R2 79178
Released in 1992