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Flying Colors

      Song List

  1. Flying Colors (Geissman/Moffitt) 4:50
  2. Tricks of the Trade (Geissman/Rawlins) 4:06
  3. Long Goodbye (Geissman/Curiale) 4:08
  4. Barcelona (Geissman) 4:56
  5. Places I've Been (Geissman) 5:00
  6. El Cabong Rides Again (Geissman) 4:16
  7. Neon Nights (Geissman/Palame) 4:38
  8. Hang Time (Geissman/Steelman) 3:53
  9. Dancing on the Edge (Geissman/Palame) 5:00
  10. Where the Heart Is (Geissman) 5:05

     CD Blue Moon R2-79165
Released in 1991


  • Grant Geissman Electric, 12 String, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars
  • Emil Palame, Gordon Goodwin, Terry Trotter Piano and Keyboards
  • Jimmy Johnson and Lloyd Moffitt Bass
  • Tom Walsh Drums
  • Brad Dutz Percussion
  • Sam Riney Woodwinds
  • Charles Davis Trumpet
  • Rick Baptist Trumpet
  • Gary Meek Tenor Sax
  • Steve Holtman Trombone
  • Jim Cowger Music Copyist
  • Alan Hirshberg Engineering, Mixing
  • James Jowers Assistant Engineer
  • George Nauful Coordinator for Mesa/Bluemoon
  • North Hollywood Wire Choir Strings
  • Eddie Schreyer Mastering
  • Produced by Grant Geissman and Paul Stilwell
  • Kathleen Covert Art Direction, Design
  • William Hawkes Photography


[IMAGE] QuoteWhat surely sets Grant Geissman apart from other acoustic guitar soloists in contemporary jazzdom is his impeccably mellifluous composing skills and his desire to stretch himself into more challenging sub genres. While never straying too far from his trademark David Benoit like peppiness, Flying Colors—which represents the guitarist's commercial peak on early smooth jazz radio-displays mouth-watering flamenco and brassy Latin tinges. A musically logical follow up to the similarly vibrant Take Another Look, Geissman's playing is enhanced by the positive support of keyboardists Gordon Goodwin and Emil Palame and saxophonist Sam Riney. Of special note (and the best cut) is Geissman's ode to his youth, "Places I've Been," which features Byrd-like riffs, Beatle-esque sitar and orchestrated, "Eleanor Rigby" touches.

- Jonathan Widran

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