Solo Recordings

Drinkin' from the Money River

      Song List

  1. Drinkin' from the Money River (Grant Geissman)
  2. Secret Agent Man (S. Lipkin, P.F. Sloane)
  3. Teruko (Grant Geissman)
  4. Thinkin' 'Bout You (Grant Geissman)
  5. Summer in the City [featuring Carl Anderson on vocal] (J. Sebastion, M. Sebastian, S. Boone)
  6. There and Back Again (Grant Geissman)
  7. Song for a Lost Love (Grant Geissman)
  8. Nirvana Mama (Grant Geissman)
  9. Heaven Knows [featuring Carl Anderson on vocal] (Grant Geissman)

     TBA Records 217 Released in 1986